Marsha Wilson Chall

Marsha Wilson Chall

Pick a Pup

Today is the day that Sam picks a pup! But how will he ever decide which one? He and his gram take a trip to the city ani­mal shel­ter, greet­ing their neigh­bors’ dogs as they go. There are sleepy pups, hyper pups, glam­orous pups—and some that are a mix of everything!

This ener­getic book, with its fun rhyming text and adorable illus­tra­tions, is sure to thrill the young dog lover. Any­one who’s ever adopt­ed a fur­ry friend will already know the true trick to pick­ing a pup … the pup picks YOU!



“Eeny, mee­ny, miney, pup, / which tee­ny-wee­ny, tiny pup?” Sam is eager to get a new pup­py, but how in the world will he pick the right one? Look­ing through books, study­ing dogs on the street, draw­ing pic­tures of dogs, dogs, dogs does­n’t seem to do the trick. Should it be a “sit-in-your-lap dog” or a “likes-to-take-a-nap dog?” A cor­nu­copia of sim­i­lar com­par­isons fol­lows on the suc­ceed­ing spreads. Once Sam arrives at the shel­ter, dogs of all shapes and sizes greet him, mak­ing the deci­sion even hard­er. Or is it, as one gold­en pup makes his feel­ings known? The sto­ry has a cer­tain inevitabil­i­ty, but it’s done with such good humor and spir­it, even kids who guess the end­ing will enjoy Sam’s jour­ney. Hen­ry’s water­col­or art pos­sess­es the fun of car­toons but shows some heft as well and does a good job of por­tray­ing the emo­tions Sam expe­ri­ences as he makes his choice. (Book­list)

Pick a Pup

illus­tra­tor, Jed Hen­ry
Mar­garet K. McElder­ry Books, 2011
ISBN 978–1‑41697–9616
ages 2 to 5
32 pages

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