Marsha Wilson Chall

Marsha Wilson Chall

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The fol­low­ing activ­i­ties and resources were pre­pared under the direc­tion of Cathy Ret­zer, Media Spe­cial­ist, Med­ford Area Ele­men­tary School, Med­ford, Wisconsin.

All-School Activities

Prepa­ra­tion Pack­et for Teachers

  • Biog­ra­phy (down­loaded from website)
  • Sched­ule (pre­pare for circumstances)
  • Pub­lished Lit­er­a­ture: Bona­parte; Hap­py Birth­day, Amer­i­ca; Rupa Rais­es the Sun; Sug­ar­bush Spring; Up North at the Cabin
  • Web­site:

Mar­sha Chall Author Meal with Staff

  • Up North Sun­fish Sun­nies (fish­sticks)
  • Grand­ma’s Fried Pota­toes (pota­to rounds)
  • Ojib­we Corn
  • Grand­pa’s Peanut But­ter & Jel­ly Uncrusta­bles (with option­al gum­my worms)
  • Red, White, and Blue Jel­lo (red jel­lo with pineap­ple and blueberries)
  • Fam­i­ly Reunion Straw­ber­ry Ice Cream
  • Moose Milk

Cur­ricu­lum Activities

Writing in the classroom


All Mar­sha Chall books will be read in the library.


K‑1: Log cab­in pic­tures
Gr 2–3: Hap­py Birth­day, Amer­i­ca! fire­works
Gr 4–5: Bona­parte disguises


K: Hap­py Birth­day, Amer­i­ca! (march­ing, stars and stripes)
Gr 1–2: Bona­parte (march­ing bands, dog theme)
Gr 3: Invent Hap­py Birth­day, Amer­i­ca! song
Gr 4–5: Up North at the Cab­in (Ojib­we drums)

Lan­guage Arts

Read­er’s The­ater from pas­sages
Fam­i­ly Fourth of July tra­di­tions
Great Six Traits oppor­tu­ni­ties: voice, sen­tence flu­en­cy, word
AR quizzes avail­able for all books


Water life, fish­ing, food chain, loons, moose, chipmunks

Social Stud­ies

Region­al geography/northern Mid­west, Ojib­we tribes, canoeing