Marsha Wilson Chall

Marsha Wilson Chall


Award-win­ning author Mar­sha Wil­son Chall has writ­ten many books for chil­dren, includ­ing Rupa Rais­es the Sun, Bona­parte, Sug­ar­bush Spring, and Up North at the Cab­in.

As a teacher and author, Mar­sha Wil­son Chall is eager to con­duct writ­ing pre­sen­ta­tions and work­shops for stu­dents of all ages. In her writ­ing pre­sen­ta­tion, Chall shares the devel­op­ment of her books with large and small groups of any age through a slide show that includes child­hood influ­ences on her writ­ing process, inspi­ra­tions, and the mechan­ics of book cre­ation, from orig­i­nal draft to final gal­leys. Writ­ing work­shops can be tai­lored to the needs of the group. Many emerg­ing writ­ers have dis­cov­ered the mag­ic of con­nect­ing their own expe­ri­ence with the pow­er of lan­guage through her spir­it­ed and cre­ative writ­ing sessions.

Chal­l’s school vis­its are excit­ing and col­or­ful. She reads from her works and inter­acts with stu­dents through slide pre­sen­ta­tion, pup­pet demon­stra­tion, and a question/answer session.

She trav­els from Leech Lake, Minnesota.

For infor­ma­tion on price and avail­abil­i­ty for pre-school and ele­men­tary school vis­its, con­fer­ences, and writ­ing work­shops:
please con­tact Mar­sha Chall.

Comments from Past Visits

Thank you so much for com­ing to speak to my Cre­ative Writ­ing class. Be assured that you left a last­ing pos­i­tive impres­sion on these stu­dents. You have a gift for mak­ing stu­dents feel val­ued and at ease, so they left inspired and encour­aged. (Bar­bara LaTondresse)

I want­ed to thank you, from all of the staff, for being with us. I don’t often get a chance to hear the spe­cial peo­ple that come to our build­ing, but I do hear all com­ments after­wards. I must tell you that it has been a while since staff and stu­dents have enjoyed some­one so much. Best wish­es to you as you con­tin­ue to write and we all look for­ward to read­ing your books. (Wendy Ander­son, Winthrow School)

Thank you for com­ing to John Ire­land School and shar­ing all your won­der­ful books and mem­o­ries with us. I’m glad to know that some adults still have a good imag­i­na­tion and sense of humor like you. I think Rupa Rais­es the Sun sends out a good mes­sage. Some­times I think I’m more impor­tant than I real­ly am, just like Rupa. (Erik S.)

Thank you for help­ing me make my sto­ry bloom like a flower. My par­ents have read my sto­ry and they love it. When­ev­er your name was on our sched­ule, I would tell every­body you were com­ing. You were always very joy­ful and always had some­thing to be excit­ed about. You always made sure every­body had a chance in the spot­light. (Nathalie, 4th grade, Tan­glen Elementary)

Marsha Wilson Chall and Bonaparte